Proper maintenance is very important for your Porsche.

ASTARA take care for the complete maintenance of your Porsche, both the technical as well as the cosmetic maintenance.
Technical maintenance is very important for your Porsche, therefore this should be well equipped with the right knowledge and parts.

ASTARA ensures that your Porsche remains in optimal technical condition, at very competitive rates.


Technical check

Before we maintain your Porsche, you will receive a first advance comprehensive report of our findings from your car, plus our opinion of priority and cost estimate.
Thus, you are never faced with unexpected costs and advance yourself in complete control of the work to be performed and expected costs.


Pickup and Return service

We can pick up your car and bring it back after the maintenance, throughout the Netherlands.
If necessary we can also provide a replacement vehicle.


Our workshop

Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to maintain your Porsche properly.
We also have professional computersystems to read out the different computers and control devices in your Porsche.


Our workshop has professional Porsche technicians with many years of experience and training in a Porsche dealership.
Trained by Porsche himself!



Extremely important for your Porsche are the right oils.
Not only for your engine, but also for the gearbox, power steering and braking.

Often, problems are caused by the use of the wrong type of oil, especially with the motor itself.
In our workshop we're only using the highest quality oils Mobil1, prescribed by Porsche of Germany.
Certainly for the engine itself is a good oil crucial for a good and long lasting performance.

We're using three different oils, each with their own specific features and benefits:
  • Mobil1 0W40 synthetic oil for modern water-cooled Porsche engines
  • Mobil1 10W60 synthetic oil for the later air-cooled Porsche engines
  • Classic 20W50 mineral oil, for the older classic Porsche engines


We can explain you all about it!


Specialties of our workshop:
  • technical maintenance according to Porsche directives
  • damage repair
  • tuning
  • restoration


Benefits at a glance:
  • professional maintenance and repair of your Porsche
  • all types of Porsches, the first 356 and 911 till the latest Panamera
  • competitive rates
  • Porsche original spare parts only
  • pre-clear statement of work, cost and schedule
  • Pickup and Return service
  • optimal value retention of your property