Selling your Porsche?

Selling your Porsche as a private is not always easy and usually takes a lot of time and energy.
Selling it at an trade-in does not always yield what you expect from.
Astara is better able to sell your Porsche and gives you the opportunity to give your car in consignment with us.
If you decide that your car will be included in our stock, we will first perform a thorough technical inspection.
Possibly minor repairs are carried out in consultation with you.

Then the car thoroughly cleaned, polished and waxed and the interior thoroughly cleaned.
If your car has leather interior, the leather is thoroughly cleaned and conditioned.

If the car is ready for sale it will be placed by us on various domestic and foreign sales sites.
Astara advertises there cars in the Netherlands and abroad through their own sites and via well known car-trade sites.
Furthermore, the car placed in our showroom that daily attracts many visitors.
In consultation with you, the selling price is determined and the underlying agreements are confirmed in writing to you.

However, we make demands on the cars that we take on consignment.

These are the same standards we also set for our own fleet;

  • The car may have no defects,
  • free of damages,
  • must have a proven service history
  • should be reliable,
  • and, of course, must be a Porsche.

Please contact us to discuss about selling your Porsche the possibilities.