ASTARA Porsche warranty

Avoid high costs of repair and drive without any worry.

ASTARA Porsche Warranty protects you against unexpected repair costs of your car.
Replacing a cylinder head, an electronic jam, repairing a gearbox;
the bill for repairing can increase to many thousands of Euro's.
With a Porsche warranty ASTARA these bills will be paid for you.

ASTARA Porsche Warranty can extend the factory warranty on your car but can also be entered in an agreement if the factory waranty already has already expired.
It is not necessary that you have the car purchased from us.
In fact; it does not matter to us where your car comes from; the Porsche dealership, a car dealer, a private or self imported from abroad ...

To close this ASTARA Porsche Warranty, we work with a large insurance company, which we have developed exclusively for the Netherlands this warranty product we offer.
Advantage to you is an optimal security, after all, that the only thing that counts.

The advantages

Unexpected high repair costs to your car belong to the past, when you close a ASTARA Porsche warranty for your car.
ASTARA offers different coverage levels, from basic to very comprehensive.
Both parts and labor are covered by the warranty
The ASTARA Porsche Warranty covers the cost of repair of an electronic or mechanical failure.
This implies that the repair or replacement of defective parts under warranty.
But the hours that the mechanic is working on it by the ASTARA Porsche Warranty paid, including the hours that the technician spends to detect the defect.

Repairing abroad is covered

Even if your car breaks down while you're on vacation, your car will be repaired at the expense of the ASTARA Porsche Warranty.
For a list of countries where you can have it repaired at our policy terms and conditions your car.

ASTARA Porsche Warranty helps pay for a replacement car and hotel expenses
If the repair of your car lasts longer than a day, ASTARA Porsche Warranty adds to the cost of a replacement car.
The cost of staying in a hotel are to a large extent by the ASTARA Porsche Warranty paid if it is necessary for you to stay while your car is being repaired.

Contact and information

Please contact us so we can inform you about the different options, policies and rates.